Joanne Burns on ‘The End of the Line’ by Rae Desmond Jones

The End of the Line, the final collection of poems by Rae Desmond Jones.

The End of the Line is an animated collection, bristling with the varied perspectives, moods, and colours of Jones’ consciousness and ‘voice’. Jones was an impressive raconteur and his distinctive physical voice echoes through the pages. The poems shift easily from the social/political agora to the deeply personal, to contemplative, spiritual/cosmic dimensions. He investigates individual and terrestrial mortalities, and concepts of being. He can be playful, cheeky, bawdy, satiric, savage and biting – as well as reflective, passionate, lyrical and grave. Shadowy images inhabit the book’s atmosphere at times, but in the final poems there is a sense of achievement – of abundance and joy: ‘Harvest the glow’. This is a vivid book. In ‘To prepare a course of poetry’ Rae advises – ‘ Porridge should be avoided’.
 ……………………………………………………………..– Joanne Burns

The End of the Line will be launched in Sydney on Sunday 24 February at 1.30pm at the Exodus Foundation, the Burns Philp Hall, 180 Liverpool Road Ashfield.

The Perth Launch will be held at Voicebox on Monday 25 March (80 Stirling Hwy North Fremantle), details to come.

The Melbourne launch will take place at the Dan O’Connell Hotel on Saturday 27th April, details to come.

The End of The Line is now available from The Rochford Press Bookshop

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