Fisher Library not interested in small press publications?

Rochford Street Press recently published what we hope is the first chapbook in a series of exciting and stimulating chatbooks – Pete Spence’s Kynetonbury Tales or Dog Days – and like a good little publisher we sent it off to the NSW legal deposit libraries. Over the following month or so I told a few people at Sydney Uni (where I am currently studying) that a copy of the book should be in the Sydney Uni library. Imagine my surprise when I got the following letter:

syd uni

So does this mean that Fisher library does not consider small press chatbooks worthy of collection or that no one studying at the University of Sydney is likely to want to access a small press publication by a poet such as Pete Spence?

I am actually studying in the English Department and I can assure the library that there are a number of staff and students in that department who require their library to maintain a strong collection of small press Australian literary publications!

Anyway – if you need to access a copy of this fine book all I can suggest is that you buy a copy directly from the publisher!


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